Fact Check: Did A Bihar Boy Get Rs 3.66 Cr Package For Hacking Google For 51 Seconds? Here’s The Truth

A post that is going viral on social media claims that Rituraj Choudhary, who hails from Begusrai in Bihar, hacked into Google for 51 seconds. The posts also claim that following the incident he was offered a job at Google with a package of Rs 3.66 crores.

The post further claims that Rituraj is a B.Tech second-year student in IIT Manipur. Since he did not have a passport, Google spoke to Government of India and his passport was delivered to him in just 2 hours.

The post read:

“This boy from Bihar, Rituraj Choudhary shook Google at 1:05:09 the day before. He hacked Google itself for 51 seconds. As soon as the hack happened, Google officials sitting all over the world were blown away. There was chaos in the American office. before they could understand anything, Rituraj again restored the services at Google and mailed to Google that because of your mistake I could hack it. After this, Rituraj slept because we had a night here. But America could not sit peacefully after reading the mail, after following all the details given in the mail, the officials there also hacked Google for 1 second and realized the mistake. In a hurry, the meeting went on for 12 hours in America and the last decision was to call that boy! At exactly 2 o’clock in the day, a mail came to Rituraj that we salute your ability, you work with us… our officers are coming to pick you up. Immediately in the second mail, Google gave a joining letter to Rituraj, in which a package of 3.66 crores was given. Rituraj did not have a passport, Google spoke to the Indian government and came home in just 2 hours as his passport. Rituraj will go to America today by private jet. Rituraj is a B.Tech second-year student in IIT Manipur. And near #Begusarai is a resident of #small #village #Mungeriganj…. a Bihari is heavy on all”

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NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found it to be misleading.

We ran a keyword search and found a report by TOI dated February 3, 2022. The headline of the report read, “Bihar: Begusarai boy claims to have identified ‘bug’ in Google.”

The report mentioned that Rituraj Choudhary, a second-year student of IIIT-Manipur, and a “passionate bug hunter”.

The report mentioned that once he reported the bug to the company, it was acknowledged and he was awarded a place on its list of researchers. The report mentioned that his bug hunting is currently in the phase of P-2. As soon as he reaches P-0, Google will reward him.

Another report by ABP News mentioned that ‘Google has awarded ‘Hall of fame’ to Bihar’s boy Rituraj Choudhary for finding bug in its software. Rituraj has been added to the company’s Research list’.

Moreover, we also found a report by The Lallantop dated February 4, 2022, where Rituraj denied claims made in the viral post. In the report, he clarified that he did not hack Google, but rather found a bug and reported it to Google’s Bug Hunting website.

In the report, he also stated that he is a student of the Indian Institute of Information Technology Manipur (IIIT – Manipur) and not IIT- Manipur.

We also found that there is no IIT in Manipur.

Rituraj also clarified the same on his Instagram story dated February 4, 2022. “I haven’t got any package or job offer from Google or Hacked anything things it was just a bug which i have reported that’s it and currently I’m just in 2nd year Btech students so… Those news are Fake,” he wrote.

NewsMobile also reach out to Rituraj who confirmed that “the news about getting a job and hacking Google are fake.”

From the above fact check, we can conclude that;

  • Rituraj did not hack Google, he found a bug
  • He was not offered any job but his name was added to the list of researchers
  • He is a student of the Indian Institute of Information Technology Manipur (IIIT – Manipur) and Not IIT- Manipur

Thus, it is evident that the viral post is misleading.

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