Watch Video Of British Airways Plane Making Bumpy Ascent

(screen grab from the video)

A British Airways which had arrived from Aberdeen at around 10:50 am on Monday at the Hearthrow airport had to abort the landing due to high wind. The pilot abandoned the scheduled landing as the aircraft was buffeted by strong winds caused by Storm Corrie.

The video of the incident was captured which shows plane beginning a bumpy ascent before the right wing lifts into the air, sending the aircraft careening down the runway at a dramatic angle.

The video was shared by Twitter user Big Jet TV with the caption, “A321 TOGA and Tail Strike! A full-on Touch and go, with a tail strike! Watch for the paint dust after contact and watch the empennage shaking as it drags. The pilot deserves a medal! BA training could use this in a scenario – happy to send the footage chaps”.

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