Omicron Infection: Top US Doctor Shares 5 Key Lessons From His Own Experience

Dr. Faheem Younus, one of the top doctors in the United States, recently tested positive for the omicron variant of the COVID19. The Infectious Diseases Chief at the Maryland University and an award-winning clinician have now recovered from the infection and also shared five lessons from his fight against the new strain.

On Sunday, taking to his Twitter account he wrote, “Personal News: Omicron got me”, and added, “Two weeks ago I developed symptoms and tested positive. Sharing five lessons I learned from that experience and hoping you’ll find them helpful”.

Emphasizing the significance of masks, particularly N95 or KN95, Dr. Younus stated that despite being around thousands of patients in the past two years he never got infected from COVID, but, after attending a ‘maskless’ family gathering for two days, he immediately got Covid-19.

He wrote, “Lesson 1: Masks work…I’ve been around COVID patients over 1000 times in ~2 years and didn’t get infected due to masks/PPE. But was exposed for 2-days at a maskless family gathering and COVID got me. So yes. Masks work. Wear an N95 or KN95 if you can”.

Dr. Younus further highlights the efficacy of vaccines in his tweet wherein he writes, “You know the vaccine+booster did its job when the patient is back to work after 5-days (with a mask:) and telling his story on Twitter instead of fighting for his life on a ventilator. I thank vaccines. I thank God”.

Talking about his treatment, Yonous further said that he followed a conservative approach that did not need steroids, antibiotics or paxlovid, ivermectin, zinc, etc as his symptoms were mild. However, he added that “Protocols for severe disease are different”

Dr. Younus also talked about the mentality. According to him, “It (mortality) puts everything in perspective and allows us to make brave, meaningful decisions”. “Herd immunity is good; herd mentality is bad,” he added.

Lastly, Dr. Faheem Younus advised people to “get boosted” and “wear KN/N95 mask”. “If COVID still gets you, you’ll likely fully recover,” he wrote.

Dr. Younus keeps sharing pandemic tips from the COVID frontlines on social media. In one of his latest tweets, he busted the myth that Omicron is “mild” and alerted people that “Omicron is not mild; it’s *milder* than delta. Understand the difference.”

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