Fact Check: 2019 Video Of BJP MLA Raja Singh’s Arrest Shared As Recent

A video is being shared on social media with a claim that BJP MLA Raja Singh was arrested by Hyderabad Police recently after he protested against people offering namaaz on the road near a temple.

The caption of the post read, “एक घटना हैदराबाद की जो आपकी आँखे खोल देगी* बीजेपी के MLA राजा सिंह जो की अकेले MLA जीते है उन्हे कल रात को अर्रेस्ट किया गया। उसकी वजह क्या थी? क्यों की अंबर पेट इलाके मे अल्पसंख्यक समुदाय के एक ग्रुप ने मंदिर के पास मैन रोड पर तीन दीन से नमाज पढना शुरु किया था। हैदराबाद बहु अल्पसंख्यक इलाका है। यहा मस्जिदे हर विस्तार में है। जब इसका विरोध हिंदु की पार्टी बीजेपी के MLA ने की तो देखीये किस तरह उन्हे गिरफ्तार किया गया? जिस पोलिस ऑफिसर ने आदेश दिये वोह खूद commissioner ऑफ़ पुलिस है।”

(English Translation: An incident from Hyderabad that will open your eyes * BJP MLA Raja Singh, who is the only BJP MLA, was arrested last night. What was the reason for that? Because members of the minority community in the Amber Pet area had been offering namaaz from three days on Main Road near the temple. Hyderabad is a ‘majority-minority’ area. Here mosques are in every monument. When the MLA of Hindu’s party BJP opposed this, see how he was arrested? The police officer who gave the orders is himself the commissioner of police.)

Here’s the link to the above post.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found the claim to misleading.

We extracted keyframes of the video and ran them through Reverse Image Search along with keyword search and found that the same video was uploaded by YouTube channel gohash.in in May 2019.

Taking a cue from this, we ran a keyword search and found a report by NDTV dated May 6, 2019. The report mentioned that Raja Singh was taken into custody following clashes over setting up of a shed on a land where a place of worship was demolished.

We also found that the same video was shared by Raja Singh on his Twitter account on May 5, 2019. He shared the video with the caption, “Arrested by @hydcitypolice
Police Commissioner while opposing for Illegal masjid construction on road opposed by hindu vahini & local Hindu karayakartas at Amberpet #Hyderabad.”

Thus from the above information, it is clear that the video in circulation is old.

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