NewsMobile Exclusive: Top Five Most Trending Fact Checks Of 2021!

As the year 2021 is at the brink of bringing down its curtains, we bring to you the top five Trending Fake News that NewsMobile busted.

  1. Meta Changes Facebook’s Privacy Policy

Facebook announced that it has changed its company’s name to Meta on October 28, 2021. Against this backdrop, a message was being widely shared on social media claiming that along with the name change, Meta is changing Facebook’s privacy policies also to allow it to use photos and other personal information (even deleted messages) of users. The message also encourages users to copy-paste a “privacy notice” that declares that they do not consent to their data being used by the corporation as a precautionary step.

NewsMobile did a fact-check and found that the viral claim is fake. Facebook’s data policy page clearly states that even though the company changed its name, there is no change in the company’s privacy policy. The policy reads, “The Facebook company is now Meta. While our company name is changing, we are continuing to offer the same products, including the Facebook app from Meta. Our Data Policy and Terms of Service remain in effect, and this name change does not affect how we use or share data.”

Thus, this viral claim was proved false.

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2. Newspaper Clip Claims That 40 Students Fell Sick After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

Amid the COVID-19 vaccination drive, a newspaper clip went viral which read, “40 students hospitalised after vaccination in Knp.’

NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found the claim to be false. We found that the report was published by Hindustan Times on November 30, 2018, three years before the COVID-19 vaccination drive started or the pandemic hit the world. The newspaper clipping used was an old one from 2018, associated with the MR vaccine (measles and rubella virus vaccine) and not COVID-19 vaccine.

Thus, the claim was circulated to create a false narrative.

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3. Alaska’s Image Went Viral As Massive Flooding In Uttarakhand, India

On February 7, 2021, a glacier burst triggered massive flooding in rivers downstream in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Following the incident, multiple pictures and videos claiming to be from Uttarakhand started doing the rounds on social media.

NewsMobile fact-checked and found that this particular viral image was from Alaska. The viral image showed the melting of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska’s Tongass and was from 2010 but was being shared with a false claim.

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4. Neem Leaves and Ginger Cure COVID-19 Infection

A video surfaced on various social media platforms showing a woman making a claim that she recovered from COVID-19 only by taking steam of ginger and neem leaves infused water.

We fact-checked and found the claim to be fake. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and World Health Organisation stated that there is no evidence that ginger has protected people from Covid-19. Malaysia’s Ministry of Health also clarified that there was no scientific evidence to support the claim that neem leaves can cure or prevent coronavirus.

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5. Video Showing CDS Bipin Rawat’s unfortunate plane Crash 

A Mi-17V5 helicopter crashed near Coonoor in Tamil Nadu on December 8, 2021, killing Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, his wife Madhulika Rawat and 12 other Defence personnel. In this backdrop, a video started to widely circulate on social media platforms showing an aircraft crash with the claim that it is of the same Tamil Nadu chopper crash.

On doing a Fact-check we found that the viral image was of the Syrian military helicopter that was shot down in northwest Idlib province.

Thus, an old and unrelated video was being circulated to create a false impression on people.

NewsMobile has been continuously busting fake news through the years to ensure its readers are provided only authentic, verified and genuine information and news.

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