88,376 Cases In A Single Day- What’s Behind UK’s Covid Surge

United Kingdom is seeing a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases. It recorded 88,376 new cases in a single day yesterday- the highest since the start of pandemic.

The main concern is that cases are rising despite 70% of the eligible population being fully vaccinated.

The recent surge in COVID-19 can be explained by a combination of a few probable factors:

1. Two COVID-19 variants existing together: Earlier when the Alpha variant of COVID-19 came it depleted the original strain, and later Delta variant wiped Alpha. However, this time despite the new genome sequence of the virus, Omicron strain, the Delta is still a dominant variant. Also, Omicron is being considered much more transmissible than Delta.

2. According to research done in Israel, vaccine immunity may reduce after 5-6 months. This does not mean that vaccines won’t provide the protection but the protection will not be as effective as the time when the person was jabbed. The United Kingdom has already started a booster program.

3. A majority of COVID-19 cases are seen in people between the age group of 12 to 15-years. Vaccination among this section of the population is low at bout 5 per cent mainly due to vaccine hesitancy among parents.

4. Wearing a mask is still crucial as those who are fully vaccinated can also contract COVID-19 and can still pass it on to others.

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