Fact Check: Social Experiment To Educate People How Misinformation Spreads About COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Viral

A screenshot of a tweet purportedly by Dr Mendalias Diputserauoy, a professor of immunology, is being widely shared on social media claiming that a 20-year-old man passed away post COVID-19 vaccination.

The tweet reads: “Another healthy 20 year old has died on our ward tonight, he had the 2nd pzifer vaccine yesterday and today developed myocarditis and unfortunately ended up with heart failure. This is a direct result of the vaccine, this shouldn’t be happening and we need to speak out about this.”

The link to the post is seen here.


NewsMobile did a fact-check and found the claim to be fake.

We noticed the viral tweets were done from a Twitter handle – @DrMendalias. We searched Twitter for the above handle and found that the post by a Twitter user by the name “Dr Mendalias Diputserauoy“.

We found that in a Twitter thread, he said, “Hi, please read my surname backwards. Everything i have tweeted is made up crap. Why have I done this? To prove how easy it is to set yourself up as a professional and talk utter lies. Stop listening to ramdom ppl on twitter/Facebook/YouTube and go get the vaccine. I have.”

His surname when read backwards means “you are stupid.”

We also scanned through the bio of the user where it says ‘Professor of immunology at the Calpordoor institute of medical excellence, Raggapor, India’. We however found no such college in India.
Hence, we can ascertain that a social media experiment to show how quickly misinformation spreads online has gone viral with a fake claim that a 20-year-old died after taking Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

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