Fact Check: Old Image From Telangana Falsely Shared As WB Police Cleaning Mosque

An image in which some policemen cleaning up a place has gone viral on social media with the claim that it shows West Bengal Police cleaning a mosque for Namaaz under orders of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. 

The text embedded in the image can be roughly translated in English to, “Have you ever seen the police cleaning the temple? No no? But Mamata didi’s police in Bengal is cleaning the mosque, for namaz, see”

(Original Text: क्या आपने कभी पुलिस को देखा है मन्दिर साफ करते हुए? नहीं ना ? पर. बंगाल में ममता दीदी की पुलिस, मस्जिद साफ कर रही है, नमाज के लिए.देखिये)

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be MISLEADING.

Doing a Reverse Image Search, we found that the same image has been viral on social media since 2017. A TinEye Reverse Image Search led us to results where some people had also shared this photo by describing it as being from Telangana’s capital Hyderabad.  

Looking closely at the image, we noticed that insignia on the cop’s uniform. Searching further, we found that this insignia belongs to Telangana Police. 

We also found a board of “SK TOYS” in the image. Searching on Google, with the help of some keywords, we found that there is actually a shop named “SK TOYS” in Bhainsa, Telangana. The board seen in the image of the shop on Google matches the board seen in the viral photo. According to the information on Just Dial, “SK TOYS” is located near  “Panjeshah Mosque”.

Searching further, we found the same image uploaded on Facebook on June 18, 2016, claiming that it shows Bhainsa police cleaning the Panjeshah Mosque on occasion of Ramzaan. 

Telangana Police also posted similar images on June 20, 2016, stating “The DSP Bhainsa, CI Mudhole, SIs Tanoor, Lokeshwaram & Mudhole conducted Swatch Bharath programme and clean the Temples and Mosques and planted plants at Mudhole.”

Thus, it is evident from the above information that an old image from Telangana is being falsely shared as West Bengal Police cleaning a mosque. Therefore, the viral claim is misleading. 


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