Fact Check: Viral Image Of An Actor Falsely Shared As Painting By An Indian Artist

A portrait of a girl has gone viral on social media with a claim that it is a painting by an Indian artist.

The portrait is being shared with text embedded on it that reads, “This is not a Photograph
but a Painting: This is the Talent of Indian Painting.”

The link to the post can be seen here. Similar posts can be seen here and here.


NewsMobile did a fact-check and found the claim to be false.

On doing a Google Reverse Image Search we found that the same image was published on Pinterest with a caption: “Snehlata Vasaikar’s Instagram profile post”

The link associated with the Pinterest-post led us to the Instagram profile of Snehlata Vasaikar, a Marathi actress, who had shared the image with a caption: “नवरात्री दिवस -४ रंग- करडा रंग बुद्धिमत्तेचा,रंग विश्वासाचा, रंग अत्याधुनिक…. .भूमितीच्या पुस्तकात . . . त्रिकोण सापडतो, काट, लघु, विशाल, पंच, षट, सप्त, अष्ट, सगळे कोन सापडतात . . . अगदी चौकोनही . . . पण . . . दृष्टिकोन सापडत नाही !!! कारण दृष्टिकोन. . भूमितीत नसतो, *भूमिकेत* असतो . . … *Artist: Snehlata_Vasaikar *Directed by: Snehlata_Vasaikar. *Photographer – Prithviraj_Babar. *Assi.photographer : Bhavesh and Prashant. *Makeup: Deepak_Waghmare. *Hair stylist: Manisha_Mehta_and_Team, Shamim-Shaikh.. *Saree draping: Jayashree_Madhukar_Naik. *Stylist: Mamta Mandal *Spl tkx:jagdamb creations and Swarajyarakshak sambhaji team and kartik kende sir.”

The caption mentions that the picture was taken by photographer Prithviraj Babar.

Taking a cue, we searched for the profile of Prithviraj Babar and found that the same photo was also uploaded on his Instagram profile. The image also had a Shree Productions watermark.

We called Shree Productions and they confirmed that the viral image is Snehlata’s  photograph and NOT a painting. Thus, the viral claim is false.


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