Fact Check: No, Haryana Government Has NOT Announced An Increase In Old Age Pension

Ahead of the by-poll election in Haryana’s Ellenabad assembly seat, a poster claiming that the state government has increased allowance under old-age pension scheme by Rs 250 per month has surfaced on social media platforms.

While sharing the poster, a Facebook user wrote, “Haryana Government has decided to increase the allowance under old age, widow and disabled pension scheme by Rs 250 per month, increasing it to Rs 2,750 per month. Announcing this, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that this increased amount of pension allowance will be provided to beneficiaries from November 1.”

The claim is viral on Twitter as well.

Posts carrying the viral poster can be found here, here, and here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral claim and found it to be false. No such announcement has been made by the Haryana government.

We performed a relevant keyword search but did not find any credible media report stating that any such decision has been taken by the Haryana government.

We further checked the website of the Haryana government’s Department of Social Justice and Empowerment and found that the allowance under the Old Age Samman Allowance Scheme, Disability Pension Scheme, and Widow Pension Scheme is Rs 2500 per month and has not to been increased to Rs 2750 per month as claimed in the viral post.

Harayana Chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar in January announced an increase in all monthly social security pensions, including the old-age pension. The decision came into effect on April 1, 2021, as shown in the document.

Moreover, we found a tweet by the official Twitter handle of the Directorate of Information, Public Relations and Languages Department, Haryana stating that the claim made in the viral poster is false and no such decision has been taken by the state government.

“Alert: The following information/photo is being shared on social media regarding the increase in pension in Haryana, which is completely false. Due to the by-election on the Ellenabad assembly seat, the model code of conduct has been put in force in the state. No decision has yet been taken by the Haryana government regarding the increase in pension,” reads the tweet.

Therefore, a poster is being shared with a false claim that the Haryana government has increased the old-age pension allowance in the state.

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