Fact Check: Does This Video Show ‘Miracle River’ In South India? Here’s The Truth

A video in which a gushing stream of water can be seen is being widely shared on social media with a claim that it shows the “Pitri River” which appears once every year in south India. It is being further claimed that the river only appears during the night of “Pitru Paksha” and then merges on the new moon day of Diwali. 

The video is shared on Facebook with a caption in Hindi that translates to, “This river of South India appears on the new moon of Pitru Paksha and disappears on the new moon day of Deepawali. This river is visible for only one month, then it merges in the nature..isn’t it a wonderful miracle of nature.” 

(Original Text: दक्षिण  भारत  की  यह  नदी पितृ पक्ष  की अमावस्या  को प्रकट  होती  है  और  दीपावली के  दिन  अमावस्या को  विलीन  हो  जाती  है सिर्फ  *एक  महीना* ही ये नदी दिखाई देती है, फिर प्रकृति में विलीन हो जाती है! है ना प्रकृति  का  अदभुत  चमत्कार)

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The video has gone viral on Facebook


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be FALSE. 

Starting with our investigation, we extracted keyframes from the video and performed a Reverse Image Search. This directed us to a YouTube video uploaded on September 19, 2017, that carried the same viral video. The video description read, “Kaveri waters reached Mayavaram district in Tamil Nadu.”

Check similar YouTube videos here and here uploaded in 2017 stating that the video shows “Cauvery water entering Tamil Nadu.” 

Taking a cue from this, we did a keyword search and found many news articles that had reported the same incident in 2017. According to the article, Kaveri Maha Pushkaram was celebrated from September 12 to September 24, 2017. For this, the water of the Kaveri River was released by the Karnataka Government. 

We found another article published in 2017 stating that “Public and devotees performed aarthis to Mother Cauvery, showered flowers and offered prayers to welcome the froth-filled freshwater waves that swept into the temple town.” 

Further, we also searched the web but could not find any credible information related to “Pitri River”. 

Thus, it is evident from the above information that a 2017 video showing Kaveri River water being released by Karnataka Government is being shared with false claims. 


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