If You Are A Vegetarian, Put These Countries On Your Travel List

A number of people are turning vegetarians and vegans because they don’t wish to turn a blind eye towards animal cruelty and also for healthier food choices. There is no restriction at home but after stepping out you might feel a lack of options and perhaps can’t experiment much with food.

If you are one of the vegetarian folks who love to travel but have difficulty finding options to eat in other countries, here is a list of countries you can visit to eat sumptuous veggie food.


India is the safest option for a vegetarian as it is a veggie paradise. There are many options for vegetarians as culturally in India there are a number of households where meat consumption is barred. Indian cuisine not only has extreme variety but is also lip-smacking. There are amazing options for vegans as well as some Indian food also.


Israeli food has a lot of options for vegans and the country is going through a vegan craze as well. Their falafel, hummus and other popular options are not only fit for vegetarians but also healthier. People are turning vegans at a rapid pace. Vegan restaurants and animal-free options have been growing like mushrooms even Domino’s followed the Israeli trend by launching its very first vegan pizza in December 2013.


Most Ethiopians still believe and follow the culture of the church, where there are long periods of vegetarian fasting and meat-free days. Vegetarian food is therefore widely available for people and tourists.


The cultural diversity of Singapore brings delicious Japanese, Malay, Mediterranean, etc. vegetarian foods to the table. There are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans in the nooks and crannies of Singapore especially Chinatown but do watch out for the shrimp paste and fish oil they tend to widely make use of in the food.

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