Fact Check: Video Of ‘Howdy Modi’ Event Held In 2019 Falsely Shared As PM Modi’s Recent Visit To America

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited the USA from September 22-25, 2021, to address the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly and Quad countries. Against this backdrop, a video is being shared online in which a huge crowd can be seen cheering for PM Modi as he greets delegates standing on the stage. 

The video is shared on Facebook with a caption in the Telugu language that translates to, “Clothes, beard, slippers, lights are here only. The foolish people who hate him. But by making his country’s prestige world-famous, he is winning millions of hearts.” 

(Original Text: బట్టలు గడ్డం చెప్పులు లైట్లు ఇక్కడే వున్నారు ఆయన్ని ద్వేషించే సన్నాసులు.. కానీ ఆయన దేశ ప్రతిష్ట విశ్వ విఖ్యాతం చేస్తూ ముందుకు వెళ్తూ కోట్లాది హృదయాలు గెలుస్తున్నారు) 

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be MISLEADING.

Starting with our investigation, we checked the transcript issued by the Ministry of External Affairs regarding the Prime Minister’s visit to the USA on September 21, 2021. According to the transcript, PM Modi did not attend any such event during his visit. The schedule was also published by many news organisations. Here also, we could not find mention of any event involving such a huge crowd gathered in a stadium 

Next, we extracted keyframes from the viral video and did a Reverse Image Search. This led us to a YouTube video uploaded on September 22, 2019, that carried similar visuals. The video description reads, “Howdy Modi: Cheers, chants greet PM as he arrives for mega Houston event. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was greeted with loud cheers and roars as he arrived at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas for the Howdy Modi event. He shook hands with members of the US Congressional delegation present at the event. PM Modi was then presented with a ‘Key to the City of Houston’ by the city’s Mayor.” 

We could also find similar visuals uploaded on the official YouTube channel of PM Modi on September 22, 2019, with a caption that reads, “PM Modi and President Trump attend ‘Howdy Modi’ – an Indian community event in Houston, USA.” 

PM Modi travelled to the USA in 2019 to attend “Howdy Modi”, the Indian community event which was held at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Thus, it becomes evident from the above information that a video showing PM Modi’s 2019 visit to America is being falsely shared in the context of the recent one. Therefore, the viral claim is misleading. 

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