Fact Check: Did CNN Report That Taliban Has Banned Sanitary Napkins In Afghanistan? Here’s The Truth

A screenshot of a news report attributed to CNN has gone viral on social media. The report claims that Taliban has banned the use of sanitary napkins in Afghanistan as Sharia Law doesn’t allow it. 

Taliban is being severely criticised for neglecting the promise of respecting women’s rights. From education to sports, multiple curbs and restrictions on women under Taliban rule in  Afghanistan. 

The headline of the viral screenshot reads, “Taliban bans sanitory napkins in Afghanistan, says it’s not a Sharia complaint practice.”

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The image has gone viral on Facebook


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be FALSE.

We searched the web with relevant keywords but could not find any such news article published by CNN. If CNN has published any such development, it ought to have been covered by other media organisations as well.  

The viral screenshot purportedly shows the article was published on the “World” section of “CNN” news website. We also noticed that there are several spelling errors in the text. For instance, “sanitary” has been wrongly spelt as “sanitory” and “compliant” as “complaint.” 

We then compared an article published on the “World” section of CNN with the viral screenshot and found many dissimilarities in the logo. Both the “Ns” in the viral screenshot have been inverted which does not match the actual logo. Also, the dateline and author byline is also missing in the viral screenshot. 

Thus, it is evident that a morphed screenshot is being shared claiming that CNN published an article about the Taliban banning sanitary napkins in Afghanistan. Therefore, the viral claim is FALSE. 



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