Fact Check: Maruti Suzuki Is NOT Giving Cars As Anniversary Gift; Viral Message Is Fake

A message is doing rounds on social media claiming that Maruti Suzuki is giving a car as a  gift for their 40th anniversary.

The message is being shared on Facebook with the caption that reads, ‘Maine aaj baleno jeeta hai kooi yaha pai jisnai yeh jeeta‘.

(Translation: I have won a Baleno today, is there anybody else who has won something)

Here’s the link to the above post. The same post can be found here, here and here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above message and found it to be FAKE.

We started our investigation by checking the link in the viral message (https://palaceviable.xyz/5kOpwyU0/suzuki/?_t=1630174472624#1630174474320) and here’s what we found:

1. A ‘Congratulations!’ message pops on the screen which further reads ‘Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Celebration! Through the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get a Maruti Suzuki BALENO Sigma MT’.

It asks some personal questions like, ‘Are you male or a female’, ‘How old are you’, ‘How would you rate Maruti Suzuki?’ etc.

2. On answering all questions, it led us to the second page that said ‘Congratulations, your answers have been successfully saved!’ It further said, ‘You must select the correct box with your prize inside. You have 3 attempts. Good luck!’.


3. Upon clicking the boxes, we won a ‘Maruti Suziki Baleno’.

It said: ‘You did it! You won a Maruti Suzuki BALENO Sigma MT ***THE RULES*** 1. You must tell 5 groups or 20 friends about Tata promotions. 2. Enter your address and complete registration. 3. The gifts will be delivered within 5-7 days’.

5. And then, it asked us to share the same message on WhatsApp.

On further investigation, we found a tweet on the verified Twitter handle of DCP Cybercrime where they have clarified that message is a phishing URL flagged by the antivirus engine as malicious.

It further explains that the link downloads a “streaming search” plugin in the Google Chrome extension that steals user’s credentials, cookies & history.

All the information put together proves that the message in circulation is a hoax.

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