Pakistan: Days After Mob Assault Woman TikTok User, Another Shocking Video Surfaces On Social Media

A recent horrific video of a woman being assaulted by hordes of men on August 14 in Lahore went viral on social media leaving viewers shaken and evoking harsh condemnation from netizens. Now, another video has surfaced apparently from the same day of another woman being the subject of an assault.

In the video, which has been shared on social media, two women are seen traveling in an open rickshaw on a busy road when a man jumps onto the footboard of the vehicle and apparently kisses her on the cheek.

Here’s the video shared by a social media user:

Two women, with a child seated between them at the back of a rickshaw somewhere in a busy street in Pakistan (many on social media said it was Lahore), can be seen in the video clip, according to The News International.

The women are visibly disturbed at the sight of a couple of motorcyclists hounding the rickshaw, catcalling and leering at the women. One man jumps onto the rickshaw, out of nowhere, and forcibly “kisses” the woman. Startled, she and the woman beside her scream but no one intervenes, The News International reported.

Furthermore, in the video, one of the women takes her slipper off and threatens to hit a motorcyclist with it. The woman who was harassed, at one point in time, gets extremely upset and tries to leave the rickshaw in despair but is stopped from doing so by her companion.

The rickshaw appears to be surrounded by men in cars and motorcycles carrying the national flag, which indicates that the incident took place during Independence Day celebrations, it reported.

Previously, a TikToker was brutally attacked by hordes of men in Lahore.

Both videos have triggered anger and uproar on social media, with many people calling for the government to take strict action against sexual harassers.

Here is how netizens are reacting to these incidents:

(With ANI Inputs)

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