Stalwart CPI(M) Leader’s Daughter To Write In Praise Of Mamata

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (file image)

Just yesterday Mamata Banerjee has appealed to the Left and Congress to align with her in Bengal. “They should decide who is a bigger threat, TMC or BJP,” she said.

A few days ago, veteran CPI(M) leader Biman Basu talked of aligning with the TMC at the national level, but was opposed by other Bengal leaders. And now it has come to light that stalwart CPI(M) leader Anil Biswas’s daughter Ajanta Biswas is going to write a piece on Mamata Banerjee in TMC newspaper ‘Jago Bangla’ about the significance of the rise of Mamata Banerjee.

Ajanta’s article will be published tomorrow. It is part of a series by her on stalwart women politicians of Bengal. When it is being published by the TMC organ, surely the article will contain praises for Bengal’s Didi. No doubt, MS Banerjee’s rise has been spectacular. Before her, no other leader from the Congress succeeded to become Chief Minister of a state after opting out of the national party to form a regional one. Not only that, she has successfully defended her government in two consecutive elections after coming to power.

So it is only natural that Didi would have a place of pride if anyone discusses important political personas from Bengal. And Ajanta, a professor of history at Rabindra Bharati University, is writing is about women politicians of Bengal. No doubt Mamata Banerjee is the numero uno among the women politicians of Bengal. But as the article is being written by the daughter of a person who led the party as secretary of the state unit during its most crucial phase (from 1998 to till his death in 2006), it has raised a lot many eyebrows. It is more so because Ajanta is a member of the university teachers’ cell of the party.

Formally the CPI(M) leadership has not commented on the development. Off the record, however, the insiders say that the trend to lean towards the TMC is becoming more evident among the leftists as the BJP has emerged as the main challenger to the TMC. “In recent assembly elections a large section of our supporters have voted for the TMC to stop BJP from wresting Bengal,” says a veteran CPI(M) leader. “We have still not found out a way to counter the trend.”

The TMC, on the other hand, is happy about the development. Its spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, “Mamata Banerjee’s journey symbolises the empowerment of the women. Ajanta has analysed it in her own way.” Such an article should not be seen through the prism of party politics, he added. But, it is sure to give birth to political speculations.

(The author Diptendra Raychaudhuri is a senior journalist based in Kolkata. He has a wide range of experience in covering West Bengal politics and has authored several books)  

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