Fact Check: No, This Video Does NOT Show An RRS Durga Vahini Member Defeating A Pakistani Wrestler

A video showing a woman wrestler, allegedly from Pakistan, challenging the audience to fight her in the ring, is being shared on social media. In the video, another woman from the audience accepts the challenge and steps into the ring.

Through this video, it is being claimed that the woman who accepted the challenge is a member of Durga Vahini of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) named Sandhya Phadke.

“एक हिंदू ओरत की ताकत देखीये ओर बाकी हिन्दूओ का अंदाजा लगाईये। मुम्बई मे एक पाकिस्तानी लेडीज फ्रीस्टाइल कुस्तीबाज महिला रिंग मे खडे हो कर भारतीय महिला ओ को गाली देते हुये रिग मे आने के लिये चैलेन्ज करने लगी इसके चैलेन्ज को स्वीकार करते हुये RSS की दुर्गा वाहिनी की महिला संन्ध्या फडके नाम की महिला रिंग मे उतर कर आई आगे क्या हुआ इस वीडियो मे आप खुद देखे,” the Facebook post read in Hindi.

(English Translation: See the power of a Hindu woman to get an idea about the rest of the Hindus. In Mumbai, a freestyle Pakistani woman wrestler stood in the ring and abused Indian women and started challenging them to come to the ring. Accepting her challenge, a woman named Sandhya Phadke of Durga Vahini of RSS came into the ring. See for yourself what happened next in this video)

Here is the link to the above post. More posts can be seen here, here and here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found the claim to be false.

When we extracted the keyframes of the viral video and put them through Reverse Image Search, we found that the same video was uploaded on a YouTube channel on June 17, 2016. “Desi Girl in WWE Ring – What a move by Punjabi Girl,” the title of the video read.

We also found a screengrab of the video in a report by India TV News dated June 17, 2016. “Watch: Punjabi woman knocks down pro-wrestler like a BOSS!” the headline of the report read.

Based on this, we ran a keyword search and found the same video on the official YouTube channel of Continental Wrestling Entertainment, which was launched by Indian wrestler The Great Khali in 2015.

The YouTube video was titled, “KAVITA‬ accepted the open challenge of BB Bull Bull.”


We also found a report by DNA published in 2016 stating that ‘BB Bull Bull, who is the first professional woman wrestler from India was knocked down by former ‪‎Haryana‬ police officer, power-lifting and ‪‎MMA‬ champion ‪Kavita during a duel at the hub of Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) in Jalandhar (Punjab)’.

Who are Kavita and BB Bulbul(BB Bull Bull)?

BB Bulbul – She is the first professional woman wrestler from India who emerged from the Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE), a wrestling academy in Jalandhar. In an interview dated 2017, she told that her real name is Sarabjit Kaur. See the interview here.

Kavita –  She is an Indian professional wrestler currently in WWE under the ring name Kavita Devi, who performs on their developmental territory NXT. Devi is the first female professional wrestler of Indian nationality to wrestle in WWE. Read more about here and here.

Hence, from the above information, it is clear that the viral video is being shared with a false claim.

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