Fact Check: This Job Opportunity In A Multinational Company In Canada and Spain Is A Scam

A message is doing rounds on social media claiming that a multinational infrastructure company, Acciona, is hiring in Canada and Spain.

The message read, “New *MULTIPLE* job offer!!!! For CANADA SPAIN four years temporary work permit visa. Apply here in https://wa.link/1ev9ub Acciona Energy Company Terms and Conditions: 1. Accommodation provided 2. Ticket and visa- provided (for free) 3. Medical- provided 4. Transportation- provided 5. Working hours- 8 am -5 pm (Mon-Fri) 6. Vacation- 28.5 days every year 7. Salary- $7000 monthly 8. Contract – 4 years contract which is renewable 9. Other benefits- family status, group benefit and other fringe benefits. Add up for more information on WhatsApp https://wa.link/1ev9ub https://wa.lin/1ev9ub”

Here’s the link to the above post. The same post can be found here and here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above message and found it to be FAKE.

We started our investigation by checking the link in the viral post and found that it has a link to a WhatsApp number (+1 908-643-7449). The number is neither from Canada nor from Spain, but from New Jersey, USA. We did not find the number of Acciona’s website or their social media on it.

We checked the company’s website for the claimed job opening. While there were some vacancies mentioned in the ‘Job Offers’ section, we did not find any job opening with similar details or perks.

Further, we found some red flags in the message. It does not mention the post for which the company is hiring or the work experience/ qualification required for the job. We compared it to the other job openings at Acciona and found that all job openings on the company website mentioned the post, location, required skills, experience, qualification.

Finally, we reached out to the company for more information, who confirmed to us that the viral post is fake and the number given in the post does not belong to any representative of the company.

They further mentioned that Acciona never contacts candidates through messaging apps such as Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger or Telegram etc. The company never mentions salary along with job description or gives job offers before an in-person interview.

Apart from this, the company never asks for tax forms or direct deposit information before the employee joins the office. Therefore, do not fall prey to such frauds and do not transfer money to any person online asking for a fee in lieu of job opportunities.

All the above information put together proves that the message in circulation is a scam.

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