Fact Check: No, Police Department In India Has NOT Issued These Post-Lockdown Precaution Guidelines

A message is circulating on social media claiming to be post-lockdown guidelines issued by the police. These purported guidelines advise people to follow a few precautionary measures including refraining from wearing expensive watches and chains, avoid travelling in crowded buses and instruct children to return home early among others.

This post claims that cops have asked people to follow these guidelines at least for three months.

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be false. 

When we searched the web to check whether any state police department had issued these post-lockdown guidelines for people, we could not find any news report mentioning such guidelines from any of the state police department in the country.

If any state police department had issued such post-lockdown guidelines for people, several news websites would have published articles reporting this information. But, we could not find any such news article on the internet. 

Also, there are no such guidelines issued on the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs.  

When this message went viral on social media last year (2020), Mumbai Police had issued a clarification through a tweet on June 7, 2020. Mumbai Police had clarified that the message attributing to the Police department is fake, and they had not issued these post-lockdown guidelines for people.

Thus, it is evident from the above information that these guidelines mentioning the post-lockdown precautions for people have been in circulation for at least one year and were not issued by any police department.


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