TRENDING: BTS Army Can’t Get Over The Cat Version Of The BTS Record-Breaking Single ‘Butter’

Cat version for BTS latest single ‘Butter’ , internet can’t get over it. (screenshot taken from the Suri Noel Video)

The Korean-Pop band Bangtan Sonyeondan, popularly known as BTS all over the world gets its cute-spoof version for its latest single ‘Butter’. The video went viral in no time and is getting loved by the BTS fans. 

BTS  ‘butter’ hit the Billboard 100 charts for two weeks in a row. They have an admirable fan base not only in Korea, but all over the world, breaking all the geographical boundaries, commonly known as BTS Army. 

While the fans are enjoying the summer hit, the cute-spoof is winning hearts of BTS Army across the globe. The video, originally posted by Suri Noel on Youtube, is the recreation of the original video frame-by-frame. The spoof video features four-legged stars Raon, Soul, Noel, Iz and Sur, while the original K-pop group have seven members, the cat-version have only five. They imitates every detail from Jungkook kissing his hand to V enjoying his lollipop, with a mugshot sequence that has left fans in an aww. It can be endeared as a tribute to the latest hit single, which has taken the internet to a storm.

Later, it was shared on Twitter and the video got viral in no time. Here’s what fans have to say.

A fan on Twitter wrote, “ OMG THIS CAT COVER OF BUTTER IS SO CUUUUUUUUUUTE EYE KENNOT”, while the other said, “The Mugshots I’m dying.”

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