Fact Check: No! India Does NOT Top The List Of Countries Where Doctors Are Most Disrespected

A picture is being widely shared on social media which shows a screengrab of a report by news organisation India Today.

The headline of the purported report reads, ‘WHO advised survey-group reveals the countries where doctors are most disrespected’.

‘India tops the list in the survey. A group guided by WHO, based in Singapore conducted a survey on the countries where the doctors are most disrespected’, the subtext read.

Find the above post here. Find similar claims here and here.


NewsMobile did a fact check on the picture and found that the image is morphed.

We noticed that the font of the headline was different from other articles on the website. Further, we noticed a full stop in the headline which is an anomaly.

We then continued our investigation by carefully examining the picture and noticed that there were certain discrepancies when we compared the viral picture to a screengrab of a report on the website.

While the category section shows the headline in the original article (News/ Education Today/ News/ Assam Class 10, 12 exams to be conducted by Aug 15), it is missing in the morphed one.

Moreover, we looked for the report on their website but did not find anything remotely close to what was being claimed.

We also checked if there are any media reports claiming that India leads the world in disrespecting doctors but we could not find a single report to substantiate the claim.

Hence, our investigation proves that the screengrab of the India Today report is morphed and the claim is fake.

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