Fact Check: Old Video Falsely Shared As Palestinians Applying Makeup To Fake Injuries

Amidst the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, a video of some people applying makeup and red paint on some children and adults is doing rounds on social media. It is being claimed the Palestinians in Gaza daubed fake blood and painted fake wounds on children to gain global sympathy and make Israel look guilty.

The post was shared with the caption, “Palestinians in Gaza daub fake blood and paint fake wounds on children to gain global sympathy and make Israel look evil. US-backed terrorist groups, including ISIS, did the exact same thing in Syria to make the Assad Govt look bad. This will be seen in Kashmir too one day.”

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be false.

We took out keyframes of the video and put it on Reverse Image Search which directed us to a video published on February 25, 2017, by a Palestinian news organisation, The Gaza Post. The title of the video read, “Cinematic tricks are an art that transmits Gaza in a different way to the world”.

In one of the frames, a makeup artist can be seen wearing a jacket with the words ‘Special Effect Make-up’ on it.

We found another YouTube video published on March 2, 2017, by the Turkish state-owned news channel, TRT World, which carried similar visuals. “Palestinian film industry | Cinema | Showcase”, the title of the video read.

On comparing the visuals from the above video to the visuals from the video in question, it became clear that the video shows make-up artists depicting injuries and wounds through makeup for cinematic special effects.

Thus, we conclude that the viral is old and is being circulated with a false narrative.

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