Fact Check: 2020 Picture From Telangana Shared As Man Carrying Corpse On Bicycle In Bihar

Amid the countrywide surge in coronavirus cases and rise in the number of deaths, an image is being shared on social media showing a man carrying a dead body behind his bicycle in Bihar.

The post shared on Facebook with a caption that reads, “बिहार वालों को यही अच्छा लगता हैं ,लाश साइकिल पर ले कर घूमो ,एम्बुलेंस चोर सांसद  एम्बुलेंस को अपने घर मे छुपा कर रखेगा, और उसका खुलासा करने वाला ही जेल चला गया। बिहार के जनता को सेवा भी अच्छी नही लगती।” 

(Translation: People of Bihar like this, take the dead body on a bicycle and roam around, ambulance thief MP will keep the ambulance hidden in his house, and the one who disclosed it went to jail. The people of Bihar don’t even like social service.)

Here’s the link to the above post


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be misleading. 

Doing a simple reverse image search directed us to an article published on April 19, 2020, which carried the same image. 

According to the news article, the incident was from the Kamareddy district in Telangana. The article further stated that the deceased was a worker who had died of prolonged illness and police had entrusted a sanitation worker with the job of shifting his body to a government hospital mortuary for postmortem.

Another report published in April 2020 also carried the same image. 

Thus, it is evident from the above information that an image from 2020 of a man carrying a dead body on a bicycle in Telangana is being shared recent one from Bihar. 


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