Good Samaritans | How Netizens Lend A Helping Hand Amid Surge In COVID-19 Cases

Good Samaritans | How Netizens Lend A Helping Hand Amid Surge In COVID-19 Cases

Amid an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases, lakhs of patients are in need of immediate medical assistance, hospitals, oxygen cylinders, plasma and Remdisivir drug across cities of India.

Some good samaritans across India have either formed communities or taken it upon themselves to help out those in need for food, medicine, or simply transport.

Good Samaritans Who Have Come Forward To Help

Army sets up Covid-19 facilities in various cities for civilians

The Indian Army is setting up dedicated Covid-19 facilities in several cities to treat civilians as India grapples with a record number of coronavirus cases in the second wave.

Indian Army chief General M.M. Naravane said on Thursday that the force is opening hospitals for the local people wherever possible seeing the surge in the number of Covid-19 cases across the country.

Having donated plasma 7 times, this ‘good samaritan’ Kolkata doctor leads by example

Dr Fuad Halim from Kolkata Swasthya Sankalp, has not only served the patients since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic but has also set an example by donating his plasma seven times till now, after having won his battle against COVID-19 last year.

Auto driver turns three-wheeler into free ambulance 

An auto driver from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal, has converted his vehicle into an ambulance that also provides oxygen.

According to a report in Times of IndiaJaved Khan, has been providing the service for free and in the last few days, he has come to the aid of 8-10 people. 

Businessman refills oxygen cylinders at Re 1

Amid a crippling shortage of oxygen across Uttar Pradesh, a good samaritan in Hamirpur has come forward to ease people’s sufferings.

Businessman Manoj Gupta is refilling oxygen cylinders at a cost of Re 1 to help in the treatment of Covid patients.

Sonu Sood appeals to govt to provide free education to children who lost parents during Covid-19

Sonu Sood shared a video where he appealed to the government and the organisations who are helping in the Covid-19 crisis to think about the future of the children who have lost their parents in the pandemic.

He said, “I would like to request the government, the state government, central government or whichever institutes that are trying to help, that there should be a rule that whosoever has lost family members during Covid-19, the education of their kids, from school to college, be it in a government school or private school, should be free of cost.”

Gurudwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha in Alwar has started “oxygen langar” to help COVID-19 patients

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