Tech Savvy Users Create Smart Tools For Focused Search Of COVID-19 Related Resources

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Amid the rising coronavirus cases in the country, the demand for COVID-19 related essential commodities is also witnessing an upsurge. Be it hospital beds, oxygen cylinders or medicines like Remdesivir & Tocilizumab, the demand is by far way above what is readily available.

In this backdrop, social media has proven to be a blessing in disguise as more and more people  sharing SOS messages with the hope to connect to some Good Samaritan to receive help as in real time. Over the past few days, in these trying times, we have seen many kind hearted individuals coming forward and helping others to meet their immediate needs.

Among these Good Samaritans are some smart minds who have come up with a unique and efficient way to help others who are looking for resourceful messages on Twitter.

Users have claimed that it has enabled them to use the technology smartly and is proving to be a helping hand.

It helps them to connect with people who have put out the latest information on the leads they are looking for, without killing their time.

Along with all others, data scientist Sumit Gupta has created a real-time tracker with his team which shows the availability of these messages as per your city. Look at it here-

You can search for more than 15 cities here including all metros – Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata.

Another technique that has influenced social media users is this.

People seeking/providing immediate help on Twitter can use this technique, so by typing the following in the search bar and clicking on the latest tab, people can get maximum results:

Min_faves: <number> <requirement> <name of city> <verified> and/or min_retweets: <number> <requirement> <name of city> <verified>

‘Min_faves’ here stands for the minimum number of likes which is usually kept 20, but you can also change the number.

For eg.,  if you type, ‘Min_faves:20 Oxygen Mumbai verified’ you will get verified links for oxygen in Mumbai.


Similarly, just change the keyword as per your requirement (plasma/ bed/ oxygen)  or city of choice (Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune). We also tried to look for resources in different cities and found it useful.


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Another link which is in circulation on social media is this.

This link is a one-stop destination for all you need, you just have to tick the boxes that you are looking for and it will automatically generate a search on Twitter. It provides verified information and has an option to search for resources in 20 cities.

This credit for this helpful resource must go to Umang on Twitter, who has generated the primary resource for finding leads on twitter.

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