Having Donated Plasma 7 Times, This ‘Good Samaritan’ Kolkata Doctor Leads By Example

The adage ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes’ is apt to describe Dr Fuad Halim, who is one of those Good Samaritans who have been tirelessly working silently to help people during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Fuad Halim from Kolkata Swasthya Sankalp, has not only served the patients since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic but has also set an example by donating his plasma seven times till now, after having won his battle against COVID-19 last year.

He has helped more than 21 patients recover from the fatal disease with his donated plasma.

In a bid to inspire others to take a cue, he took to Twitter on Friday.

“Donated COVID-19 convalescent Plasma for the 7th time. I thank the 21 Covid patients for allowing me to help them. It was a pleasant surprise to know that my antibodies are still potent.”

Plasma Therapy has proven to be effective in treatment of COVID-19 patients. Being an advocate of plasma therapy, Dr Halim while speaking to NewsMobile said, “Plasma Therapy can be used effectively only when adequate numbers of donors come forward and donate plasma.”

Talking about using the plasma therapy in combating the second wave, he added, “It was easier to donate plasma last year, since people were not vaccinated against COVID-19, now when we are fighting the second wave, most of the people who have recovered from the disease last year have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and people who get vaccinated are excluded from donating plasma.”

“For donating plasma this time, I have got my antibodies measured, they were found to be adequate and then I came forward to donate my plasma again,” he told NewsMobile.

Beyond arc lights and the glare od cameras, Dr Halim has also gone out of his way to help underprivileged patients in these trying times.

During last year’s lockdown period, he had provided dialysis to 6231-odd patients in Kolkata for just Rs 50.

He said, “Patients said commuting expense along with treatment fee, which was earlier Rs 350, was very expensive amid lockdown. So we reduced dialysis fee to Rs 50.”

He has earned the tag of ‘People’s Doctor’ for all the good work he has done for the welfare of society till now. He has also been cited by National Health Service in the United Kingdom for donating his plasma several times.

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