Love In Times Of COVID-19? Mumbai Cops Have A Solution

When it comes to matters of the heart, brain often takes a backseat! And this is possibly what happened in Mumbai.

Believe it or not, a Twitter user by the name of Ashwin Vinod, who joined the social networking site in July 2017 and has 16 followers, shot off a query to Mumbai Police seeking their input as to how he could go and meet his girl friend.

“Mumbai Police what sticker should I use in order to go out and meet my girlfriend? I miss her,” he write with an emoji. 

The tweet evoked a volley of responses. While some said he should as for a ‘Miss You’ sticker, others said he should tell his parents to get him married so that they could live together. Some even suggested he starts walking while some came down heavily on him for wasting Mumbai Police’s time.

With stringent curbs in the city in view of the raging COVID-19 pandemic, Mumbai Police started issuing colour coded stickers to ensure that vehicles engaged in essential services do not get stuck in traffic snarls.

While red stickers are meant for doctors, nurses, those supplying medicines and related services, as well as ambulances, green stickers are to issued for those dealing in food, vegetable and grocery related items. Yellow stickers are meant for use by others engaged in essential services including government servants and journalists.

Instead of choosing to look the other way, Mumbai Police however put out a tweet which brought some relief in these dark times.

Using #StayHomeStaySafe Mumbai cops said, “We understand it’s essential for you sir but unfortunately it doesn’t fall under our essentials or emergency categories!”

Wishing them a lifetime of togetherness, Mmbai Police said, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder & currently, you healthier P.S. We wish you lifetime together. This is just a phase.”





While restrictions and curbs put in place by different states to check the spread of COVID-19 especially in cities


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