Six Clubs Withdraw From The European Super League 

Courtesy: Twitter/ Arsenal

After the widespread disapproval from the governing bodies as well as fans, six clubs have started the procedure to withdraw themselves from the “breakaway tournament” European Super League. 

Manchester City and Chelsea Football Club were the first ones to show a sign of disapproval on the tournament by filing for withdrawal. Soon four other big clubs namely, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United joined the procedure of withdrawing their respective clubs from the tournament. 

Ed Woodword, the executive chairman of Manchester United, was involved in the discussion panel of the European Superleague, made an announcement later that he will step down from the position by the end of 2021. 

Clubs came out and apologized to the fans across the world in their official statement of withdrawal. Arsenal cited that they joined the league to avoid “distress” and to be not “left behind”. However, in the statement the club accepted that they didn’t take the right decision here. 

Manchester City stated that, “formally enacted the procedure to withdraw from the group developing plans for a European Super League.” 

Liverpool Captain took his disapproval to social media stating that it is a collective decision that they do not  want to be the part of European Super League 

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin welcomed the announcement of the club’s withdrawal from the tournament and assured fans that the step will “rebuild the unity that the game enjoyed before”. 

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Earlier this week, European Super League was announced with the top 15 teams as a “breakaway tournament” from UEFA Champions League. 


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