Politicians Must Demonstrate Role Model Behaviour To Curb COVID-19, Says NewsMobile Editor-In-Chief Saurabh Shukla

With the coronavirus cases setting grim milestones in the country these days, it is of utmost importance for all the citizens to abide by the COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and follow all the prescribed guidelines.

The need to socially distance ourselves when out in public and to wear the mask has been reiterated time and again by the top authorities. However, in current times we have seen how the massive political rallies by politicians in poll-bound states and religious congregations like Maha Kumbh have wreaked havoc by breaching the outlined COVID-19 norms.

Condemning these incidents, NewsMobile Editor-In-Chief Saurabh Shukla emphasised in a Prime Time Debate On Republic TV that, “Politicians must demonstrate role model behaviour to mitigate the spread of the virus and this is not the appropriate time to have any religious congregations.”

“The grim COVID-19 situation requires extraordinary steps and while citizens need to abide by COVID appropriate behaviour our politicians need to set the right example,” he said.

He also reiterated the concern and added, “And as the doctor on the panel said these can be super spreader events, time to act is now for the sake of the country.”

Questioning the leaders of all major political parties participating in the election, he asked, “Time and again all party delegations rush to the election commission for other issues, why can’t you go to EC now and ask them to defer this round of campaigning, because extraordinary situations require an extraordinary response.”

He also suggested, “That every political party should exercise restraint and should go to the Election Commission and say that Election campaigning is not possible during these trying times and for the sake of the people’s health elections should be postponed.”

Denouncing the conduct of MahaKumbh, Saurabh Shukla highlighted that despite being a devout Hindu, he believes that such a huge gathering in the middle of the pandemic can turn out to be disastrous, it will add pressure on the doctors and frontline workers if the gathering turns out to be a super spreader.

He added, “No religious congregation from any faith should be allowed at this time when COVID-19 is spreading rapidly.”

In his suggestion, he also kept his point that being a responsible citizen and journalist he must remind people to abide by laws that are made for the benefit of the citizens of the country.

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