Egypt’s First Woman Ship Captain Blamed For Suez Canal Blockage: Report

Egypt's female ship's captain, Marwa Elselehdar. Credit: Instagram Photo/@marwa.elselehdar

Egypt’s first female ship captain Marwa Elselehdar was at the centre of a fake news campaign that blamed her for bringing one of the world’s most strategic shipping routes, the Suez Canal, to a halt, reported BBC.

“I felt that I might be targeted maybe because I’m a successful female in this field or because I’m Egyptian, but I’m not sure,” she said.

“This fake article was in English so it spread in other countries. I tried so hard to negate what was in the article because it was affecting my reputation and all the efforts I exerted to be where I am now,” she told BBC.

“The comments on the article were very negative and harsh but there were so many other supportive comments from ordinary people and people I work with,” she says.

“I decided to focus on all the support and love I’m getting, and my anger turned to gratefulness,” Marwa said.

The 224,000-tonne Ever Given was grounded in the Suez Canal on March 23, completely blocking the traffic along the waterway and delaying a number of ships carrying cargo ranging from oil to consumer goods.

The ship was refloated on March 29. Global commerce resumed its course by April 3.

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