Manipur Withdraws Order on Myanmar Refugees: What is India’s Stance?

In a letter, the Manipur government has withdrawn its order to the local authorities barring them from offering food or shelter to refugees from Myanmar.

Earlier, the state government had, in its order asked border officials to “politely turn away” those seeking refuge in India.

The letter mentions that the previous order issued on March 26 has been misconstrued and interpreted differently. The letter added that the Manipur government has been providing all aid to Myanmar nationals who have entered India via the borders with the state.
Myanmar’s Ambassador to the United Nations had appealed to the Indian government and various state governments to provide shelter to refugees.
What is India’s stand on Myanmar refugees?
As the India-China rivalry has gained momentum over the years,  New Delhi does not wish to antagonise the military and give China even more space in Myanmar.

So India refrains from intervening or even welcoming refugees. The Home Ministry sent out an order to the northeastern states to close the borders with Myanmar, and not allow protesters from Myanmar to come in.


India attends military parade in Myanmar

India was among eight countries that sent a representative to Myanmar’s Armed Forces Day parade on Saturday.

More than 100 people were killed the same day in Myanmar by the military junta which seized power in a coup last month.
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