Fact Check: No, The President Has NOT Ordered For Bhagavad Gita & Ramayana To Be Added To School Curriculum

In a post that has gone viral on social media, it is being claimed that President Ram Nath Kovind recently ordered to include Hindu Mythological epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana, into the school education curriculum.

Several posts can be seen on social media platforms wherein a newspaper clipping is being shared. The headline of the newspaper clip reads (in Hindi), “राष्ट्रपति ने दिया आदेश देश के सभी पाठ्यक्रमों में शामिल होंगे श्रीमद्भगवत गीता और रामायण.”

The literal translation of the same would mean, ‘President ordered The Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana to be included in all the courses of the country.”

You can see the posts here, here and here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found that the above post is fake and misleading.

At first, we searched the keywords on Google to look for the latest news report regarding the claim, but we couldn’t find any latest news article.

However, we did come across similar articles published by India Today in 2017 and  DNA in 2015. These were speculative news reports, in which it was anticipated that lessons from Mahabharata and Ramayana may soon be taught in schools and colleges in the coming time.

This helps us to establish that the claimed news clip isn’t a recent one. To know more about it, we zoomed in on the newspaper clipping and made the following observations –

The first paragraph of the article reads, “शहर के सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता भगवानदीन साहू के बेहाल में अन्य सामाजिक एवं पार्मिक संगठनों ने 15 जूलाई को जिला कलेक्टर के माध्यम में महामहिम राष्ट्रपति के नाम जपन सुनकर देश के समस्त म्कूली पाइ्यका्मों में श्रीमद् अववटगीता और रामायण की शिक्षा अनिवर्य किये जाने को मांग की|”

Translated as, “Under the leadership of city social activist Bhagwandin Sahu, along with other social and religious organisations, a memorandum was submitted on July 15 to the President through District Collector to make the education of Srimad Bhagwad Gita and Shri Ramayan compulsory in all school courses of the country.”

This clearly means that the headline of the article was clickbait and the actual report did not state that the President passed any such order.

The article also mentioned that the application was submitted on July 15 (year not mentioned), thus this proves that this newspaper clipping was not published recently.

To trace the origin of the article we put the newspaper clipping through Reverse Image Search. Though we were unable to find out in which newspaper it was from, we managed to find the same article published on Guruasthadigitalnews.in.

The content of the article was exactly the same as the news clipping, including the featured image. The article was published on September 16, 2020.

To be doubly sure, we also cross-checked the website of the Education Ministry and their twitter handle, but could not find any such reform.

Hence with all the above information, it can be said that the claim in the post is misleading as the President of India has not passed any such order. Moreover, the headline of the said news clipping is misleading.

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