Fact Check: 2013 Picture Of RSS Relief Work Following Uttarakhand Floods Resurfaces As Recent

Days after the devastating glacier burst disaster in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, a picture started doing rounds on social media claiming to be of RSS workers providing relief materials in the affected area.

A Facebook user shared the picture with a Hindi caption, “चमोली… तपोवन !! लगभग 13 गांवो के तो अवशेष ही बचे हैं… सैकड़ों स्त्री-पुरुष-बच्चे खुले में पड़े हैं… दिन जैसे तैसे कट जाता है,लेकिन रात में तापमान 1-2 डिग्री हो जाता है… उस पर जंगली भालुओं का डर !! *पुल बह चुका है… सड़कों का नामोनिशां नहीं… ऐसे में खाद्यों से भरी बोरियां कंधे पर उठाए यह कौन लोग है ?… नमन… वंदन ,ऐसी निष्ठा को….* राष्ट्रीय स्वयंसेवक संघ के जांवाज़ों ने पिछले 3 दिनों से मोर्चा संभाल रक्खा है… कोई भूखा न मरे… कोई बीमारी से न मरे… आभार !! स्वयंसेवकों !!”

(Translation: Chamoli… Tapovan !! Only the remains of 13 villages are left. Hundreds of men and women are in open. The day goes off anyhow, but at night the temperature rises to 1-2 degrees. There’s the fear of wild bears as well!!  The bridge has been washed away… roads are not identified… In such a situation, who are these people carrying bags full of food on their shoulder? The people of RSS have been at the forefront for the last 3 days so that no one dies from hungry and of any disease. Thank you !! Volunteers !!”)

Here’s the link to the above post. Check similar posts here, here and here.

We found the same image with a similar claim on Twitter as well.

Here’s the link to the above post. Check the similar posts here, here, and here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found it to be misleading.

We ran a Reverse Image Search on the picture along with some keywords and found some articles from July 2013.

The image in question was featured in a blog post dated July 1, 2013, and titled “Day-12: RSS Relief Works at Uttarakhand – A Report in Brief; Needs more helping hands.”

On digging further, we found the article was about RSS relief work in 2013 floods in Uttarakhand.

We found a similar report published by Samvada.

Hence from the above information, it is clear that the image in question is OLD and not from the recent disaster in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district.

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