Fact Check: No! Protestors Did Not Hoist Khalistani Flag At Red Fort

After protesting farmers broke into Red Fort and waved flags from there on Republic Day, various photos and videos started circulating on the internet with a claim that Khalistani flag was hoisted at Red Fort.

The caption of the picture read: “Shameful, Khalistani flag being hoisted in red fort. Those who were in charge must immediately resign”

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When we did a fact-check, we found that the claim is fake.

When we compared the flag hoisted at the Red Fort with the Khalistani flag, we found that they are different.

Khalistani flag has the text ‘Khalistan’ printed on the flag which was not present on the flag hoisted at the Red Fort.

Further, we compared the flag in question with the Sikh religious flag ‘Nishan Sahib’ and found that the flag hoisted at the Fort was Nishan Sahib, a flag that can be found on all Gurudwaras.

We also found that the Nishan Sahib was a part of the Punjab tableau during Republic Day parade 2021.

Protestors entered the Red Fort premises in huge numbers with various flags carried by different unions.

NewsMobile independently cannot verify all flags but taking into account the above investigation it can be stated that in the above picture, the flag hoisted at the Red Fort was not a Khalistani flag.

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