Remembering Sushant: The Believer Of ‘Passion’ Is Overrated, ‘Presence’ Is Underrated

On his birthday, we are reminded of Sushant Singh Rajput as a superb actor and a person who radiated confidence and positivity. As we look back, we found that in many of his interviews, we have seen him talking about philosophy and motivational quotes.

He was a person who believes in “A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

Looking over his social media activity, his last post suggests his immense love for his mother. Remembering his mother, he wrote on Instagram an emotional post saying “Blurred Past evaporating from Teardrops unending dreams carving an arc of a smile and a fleeting life, negotiating between the two…..”

The alleged reason for his suicide is said to be depression but his social media activity did not give a clue into his mental state. He came across as a believer, one who believes in the power of almighty addressed his love for Lord Shiva on his Instagram several times.

His philosophical captions which he tagged as #selfmusings on his Instagram captions were deep and enriching as if coming from a person who knows it all, a person who is a seeker.


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I got up today and looked at myself through your eyes, and then looked back at you with everything I understood I was… #selfmusing

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He was the epitome of passion. He also once said that “talent, hard work, and experience are overrated because grit, passion, and curiosity can beat them any day.”

He was not just passionate about theatre and acting, but Artificial Intelligence too. He owned a company called Innsaei Ventures that works in exponential and AI technology.

Being a fan of computer gaming, he started learning coding languages also.

Last year, he revealed his list of 50 dreams that he had set for himself to be achieved in the next six months.

We all came to know about his curious grey cells, his interest in astronomy, and his love for his alma mater and desire to own a Lamborghini.


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This is not all! He has always been vocal about the social upliftment, be it about conserving the mother earth or his choice of advertisements where he came across as a socially responsible celebrity.

He was not just an extraordinary actor but a brilliant student too, scored 7th rank in AIEEE secured admission in one of the top engineering colleges of the country and dropped out 6 months before graduating in pursuit of a career in acting.

He was the one who made everyone believe in the power of self-confidence and hard work. A self-made man with an infectious smile left everyone with huge grief and a big void in the cinema industry.

An ode to his ever bright spirit and aura!

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