Fact Check: Old Newspaper Clip Shared With False Claim Of 40 Students Falling Sick After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

With India moving ahead in its battle against coronavirus by successfully launching the world’s largest vaccination drive, many rumours about the same have been doing rounds on social media.

One of such post in circulation is a newspaper clip, which reads, “40 students hospitalised after vaccination in Knp.’ The claim added to this post stated that this incident occurred soon after these children were injected with COVID-19 vaccine. 

The post can be seen here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found the claim to be false.

In India, only first phase of inoculation has begun, wherein only healthcare and frontline workers are being administered the vaccine. These vaccines being administered in India presently have been granted emergency use authorisation and are not being given to children. 

On reading the newspaper clip in the acclaimed post by zooming in, we found that this picture is from an edition of Hindustan Times newspaper (date: not mentioned, location: Kanpur).

Further, we found that the article in the picture was incomplete and had no mention of ‘coronavirus’, ‘Covid’ or ‘vaccine’, so to find the full article we put it through Reverse Image Search and found this picture posted on Facebook on September28, 2020, which highlights that the article was not published recently.

We also found a better quality version of the article, where it is clearly mentioned that children took the MR Vaccine (measles and rubella virus vaccine).

To know more about the report, we searched the headline on Google and found the same article published on pressreader.com. It was published on November 30, 2018 (three years ago).

Thus, after going through all this we can now establish that the claim attached with the post is false and misleading. The newspaper clipping used is an old one from 2018 associated with MR vaccine (measles and rubella virus vaccine) and not COVID-19 vaccine.

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