Covid Care Innovation: Madurai Couple Accepts Cash Gift Online, With QR Code Printed On Wedding Invite

From Streaming weddings live on zoom, to organizing Thanksgiving feast online, pandemic has imposed the trend of online celebrations on us.

In an incident, first of its kind a couple from Madurai decided to receive cashless ‘shaadi ka shagun’, by asking the wedding attendees to rather gift them the cash card money online.

Organizing the wedding in the middle of a pandemic called for taking adequate measures to prevent the spread of the virus, and getting online cash cards was one of them. To ensure cashless transaction, the couple decided to get the QR code (for online transaction) printed on the wedding invites.

Source: Twitter

The QR Code allowed the wedding attendees to transfer money to their bank accounts using Google Pay or PhonePe.

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“About 30 people had used the facility and gave cash as their wedding present,”. The wedding happened on Sunday and the invite has gone viral,” T.J.Jeyanthi, mother of the bride told news agency IANS.

This simple, yet innovative step was taken by the family, so that those who had come for the wedding of their daughter and those who were not able to attend due to pandemic can offer their presents to the couple, averting the risk of the deadly virus.

Incidents like these highlights the social nature of the society, the pandemic might have forced us to maintain the physical distance, but the social- distance can be averted by using the best of technology and innovation.

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