Can Whatsapp Read Your Messages After It’s New Privacy Update?: All You Need To Know

There have been concerns amongst people on rumours of Whatsapp’s new privacy policy where users are being forced to share personal data with Facebook. Users are worried they will be forced to share phone numbers and locations too and many wondered what happened to encrypted messages policy that Whastapp promises.

What exactly did people hear?

The announcement was sent by the social messaging app asked users to agree to allow Facebook and subsidiaries to collect Whatsapp data including users’ phone numbers, contacts’ phone numbers, locations amongst other data. Also that if users did not agree to this new policy by February 8th, they would lose all access.

What is presently happening with Whatsapp user data?

Data exchange with Facebook is already taking place as per the old policy of Whatsapp. Unlike in the European Union where users can opt out of data sharing with Facebook, other users across the globe have to comply with the mandatory data sharing.

WhatsApp shares:

  1. Account registration information which is primarily the phone number
  2. Transaction data as WhatsApp payment method is operational in India
  3. Service-related information
  4. Information on user interaction with others which includes businesses
  5. Mobile device information
  6. IP address

Whatsapp says it does not store messages once they are delivered from one user to another. Only in cases where messages are undelivered, the messages are stored in their system for 30 days in an encrypted form. If the attempt to deliver it is unsuccessful, the message is deleted from the system.

As far as data shares with businesses associated or integrated with Whatsapp, the policy states,  “Businesses might be working with third-party service providers (which may include Facebook) to help manage their communications with their customers”.

Reading the “Business’ privacy policy or contact the business directly” section of the Whatsapp policy will give users a better insight of their current businesses sharing policy.

What does Whatsapp say in it’s defence about the new norms?

Whatsapp however clarifies that the change allows businesses to store Whatsapp chats using Facebook infrastructure.

Head of Whatsapp Will Cathcart clarified on twitter reiterating the privacy of users’ Whatsapp chats. “I want to share how committed everyone @WhatsApp is to providing private communication for two billion people around the world. At our core, that’s the ability to message or call loved ones freely protected by end-to-end encryption and that’s not changing.”


The good news is, personal chats are not compromised says Cathcart. “With end-to-end encryption, we cannot see your private chats or calls and neither can Facebook. We’re committed to this technology and committed to defending it globally. You can read more here:”

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