Fact Check: Don’t Fall For This Picture of Women Chained to A Man; It’s Morphed

A picture of three women walking on a road, chained to a man is being shared on social media.

“ये क्या हिंसक जानवर हैं या फिर खुंखार कैदी जिनको जंजीरों में जकड़कर ले जाया जा रहा है,” the post read.

(Translation: Are they some violent animals or the dreaded prisoner, who are held in chains)

Here’s the link to the above post (archive).


NewsMobile fact-checked the post and found the picture to be morphed.

A simple Reverse Image Search on the picture, led us to a blogpost from 2012, featuring the original picture. In the original picture, no chains are visible.

The blog post talks about the oppression of women and how Barbara Walters, a senior American journalist, noticed that women always walk behind their husband, when she visited Afghanistan.

We found that many blogposts from 2011 also shared the same picture with the same story. The blog posts can be seen here and here.

However, in our research, we did not find any such report by Barbara Walters. According to a fact check by Snopes, which was last updated in 2014, the stories being shared in the above blog post are merely jokes and hold no truth.

NewsMobile couldn’t independently verify the origin and location of the original picture, but a quick comparison shows that the chains were digitally added in the viral picture.

This proves that the picture in circulation is morphed and misleading.

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