Kolkata Doctors Find PIMS Children Post COVID-19, With Similar Symptoms Seen In Adults

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors have found that children are susceptible to paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome(PIMS) or multi inflammatory syndrome in children(MIS-C). This is a post viral infection exaggerated, altered, unregulated and immune response of the body post COVID-19. Doctors say adults who went on the ventilator had a cytokine storm which is similar to PIMS.

The only difference between adults and children was that adults suffered this in the first week after COVID-19 while children suffered this two to six weeks after a prior coronavirus illness which was treated mildly at home with paracetamol or fluids but no antibiotics.

However children also had features of multisystem disorder which means all or many systems of the body were involved like the heart, kidneys, the blood vessels and liver and sometimes the brain too. This is something which was first reported earlier on during the pandemic in European countries

Head and senior consultant of paediatrics and neonatology department of Medica Superspeciality Hospital Dr.Ashok Mittal says that in the beginning in March till June that children were not getting affected by this deadly disease probably because schools and malls are closed and children are not going to the park to play.

“We were happy that things have not affected children the way it has affected adults. However, after July or August, we started to see a few cases where either the children will come with COVID illness where the child is positive, comes with some cold, cough and fever. Either no breathing problem or very little breathing difficulty. When we did the XRay or CT Scan to see whether they had pneumonia, there wasen’t any component of bad pneumonia like in adults of patchy lungs in case of pneumonia.”

Most patients recovered on their own and very few needed anti-viral therapy apart from some oxygen and saline, a paediatric ward or sometimes an ICU. But not too many were ventilated because of pneumonia.

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“However soon we started to see patients in the paediatric age group between 0-18 who presented to us with the common symptom of fever which lasted 48-72 hours. These cases were also associated with redness of the tongue, the mucosa inside the mouth, redness of the lips, eyes and sometimes a red rash on the body with or without symptoms of stomach cramps or diarrhoea, extreme amount of vomiting. The child looked toxic.” Added Dr.Mittal

Adults had lung involvement which led to pneumonia while children reported fever, toxicity, blood pressure going down and needing medicines to keep blood pressure up. 1/3rd of these cases in Kolkata had cardiac involvement out of 18-20 cases in the last 4 months, the good news however is that there were no fatalities reported.

This is a wake-up call for parents and doctors say that children need to be tested for covid, not just adults and post COVID-19 need a check-up every week, 2 weeks, then every month for a year after discharge similar to adults.


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