Fact Check: Don’t Fall For This Fake Tweet On Dalits Attributed To Shatrughan Sinha

A screengrab of Bollywood actor turned politician Shatrughan Sinha’s tweet is doing rounds on social media where he is appearing to be claiming that Dalits are being used in the name of Hindutva vote.

The screengrab read, “दलितों पिछड़ों होश में आओ, हिंदुत्व के नाम पर तुम्हारा वोट हासिल करके तुम्हें फिर से शूद्र (गुलाम) बनने का मंसूबा नागपुर के हेडक्वार्टर में तैयार हो रहा है. पढ़ो इसे और सोचो की यदि ये सब कुछ हो गया तो तुम्हारी आने वाली पिढ्ढी का क्या हाल होगा ”

(Translation: Dalits come in your senses, after gathering votes in the name of Hindutva, you will become a Shudra (slave) again. Planning going in the headquarters of Nagpur. Read this and think that if all this happens, what will happen to your future generation)

Another similar post was found here.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be morphed and misleading.

We first searched for the Tweet on the official Twitter account of Shatrughan Sinha but could not find any such post.

With the help of keywords, we found the same screengrab of Shatrughan Sinha’s tweet shared by many Facebook users in 2018, which can be seen here, here and here.

We then compared the viral Twitter handle screengrab and the original Twitter handle screengrab and spotted the difference.

  1. Instead of ‘blue tick’ there was some other symbol in the viral post.
  2. The original user name is ‘@Shatrugansinha’ and in the fake tweet it is @SriShatrughan’.
  3. The profile picture is also different.
  4. The placement of the text also differs.

However, we were not able to find the Twitter account with the user name @SriShatrughan on Twitter.

Hence, with the help of the above information, it is clear that a tweet wrongly attributed to Shatrughan Sinha through a morphed Twitter handle image is being falsely shared on social media to mislead the masses.

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