#WATCH | A Man’s iPhone 6s Survived A Fall From A Plane And It Even Recorded All Of The Action

Brazilian documentary filmmaker Ernest Galiotto (screenshot)

In another bizarre news, an iPhone 6s not only survived a 2000-feet drop but also recorded the entire fall!

Brazilian documentary filmmaker–Ernest Galiotto was shooting on his iPhone 6s from a plane when the strong winds pulled it away from his hands and resulted in a close to 2000-feet drop. To everybody’s surprise, the iPhone survived the fall. More so, the entire fall was recorded as a video.

The filmmaker Galitto, was on a project trying to capture video from the window- open above ground on a small plane over a beach in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro.

This incident had a lot of emotions involved for Galitto as the phone slipped away from his hands, and tumbled to the ground. ”The height level at which we were flying, the free will of the phone would be a tragedy, but instead, it had many emotions,” Galitto told a Brazilian media outlet G1, which was the first one to report this incident.

Nearly overwhelmed Galitto at first assumed he had lost his phone only to recover it later by using the Find My app. He recovered his phone somewhere in the middle of the beach. The iPhone was nearly intact, as the screen protector was the only victim of the fall. Subsequently, Galitto finds the video of the entire action of the fall which gives a few glimpses of the freefall. ”In fact, if it weren’t for the recorded video we doubt anybody would believe this story.” Said Galitto.

(With Inputs from Shreya Sharma, NewsMobile Journalism intern from O.P Jindal Global University)

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