Mobile Casinos Are Booming In 2020

2020 has been a year of changes. Everywhere on the globe, people are adapting into this new reality that is the new world. New restrictions on freedom and opportunities have been employed by many governments around the world and that has given a lot of extra time on peoples hands. They can no longer fill out their day with their usual activities and thus the need for new online activities has been highly demanded over the last couple of months. is one of the online casinos that felt the increasing user base in 2020 and especially the mobile casinos are booming according to the site. In this article we will therefore give you three reasons why mobile casinos are experiencing such a remarkable increase in users and revenues. We will go through three of the main reasons however, there may also be other reasons why mobile technology is proving itself these days when talking about gambling and betting. According to the British newspaper, the Guardian frequent gamblers are betting more often these days than they are used to. Read this article to find out why that is the case.

Curfew makes more people come online

It has been a year staying home for a lot of people with regards to the circumstances of the world. Big events have been cancelled, many people have lost their jobs and in a lot of countries a curfew has been issued limiting the personal freedom of billions of people from various continents. Because that is the case, a lot of people have had more spare time on their hand and as they have to spend it inside, many people go online. It is especially the gaming and gambling industries that have been particularly popular during the “stay home”-restrictions. Almost every continent reported increasing markets and more active users on their online casinos, as people had more time on their hands to spend. Europe, as an example, reported an 11 % increase in revenue in 2019 but even more users were online in the first six month of 2020. And when Netflix has been completed multiple times, mobile casinos become another and more intriguing source of entertainment. Therefore, the circumstances of the first six month of 2020 have created some huge fluctuations on the user bases of mobile casinos.

More people have access to the smartphone technology

Another reason as to why mobile casinos are booming in 2020 is the rise of smartphone technologies as an every man technology. Almost anybody you know has a smartphone in their pockets and it is essentially a super useful tool. Especially when it comes to entertainment, as it is possible to keep yourself busy for ours with the little device. This includes the use of online casinos that can be easily accessed through your smartphone whenever you want and wherever you are. On a commuting train, at your local pub or simply just sitting on your couch, you can access a world of slot machines, poker tournaments and blackjack tables. Another reason why mobile casinos are booming in 2020 is because of the widespread technology of the smartphone. You can always enter your favorite casino and you do not even have to dress up for it. As long as you have your smartphone connected to either the WiFi or the cellular network, you can entertain yourself anywhere, anytime at anyplace. That is why you are also seeing a lot of advertisements from online casinos, when you browse through the feed of your social media. They are also able to target you with their commercial messages whenever you decide to go online.

Used as entertainment rather than as a source of income

Last but not least, there is one major reason as to why mobile casinos are constantly experiencing more users. Back in the days when the concept of online casinos was not a thing, it took real effort to go to a casino. You had to dress up nicely and have a certain budget before you could be granted access to the universe of gambling. It was only for the few people and those who wanted to try their luck. Nowadays things have really changed in the casino industry with the arrival of the internet, apps and smartphones. Today everyone at legal age in their respective country can gamble online if they would like to. It does not take more than a few clicks on the internet and personal detail before you can be ready to gamble online. And it does not have to be a lot of money you need to gamble. Most of the people playing online can gamble for hours for a small amount of money. Therefore it is also seen as an entertainment industry rather than a hardcore gambling business.

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