All You Need To Know : Common Flu Versus COVID-19

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Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many to confuse the common flu or respiratory issues with the onset of winters. This along with pollution adds to smog being a big factor that affects several people across many cities. Doctors say that the winter illness seems to have some similar symptoms and at first it cannot be clearly distinguished between the two, though they still differ in one of the important factors which is a loss of taste and smell.

Apart from this, a person is only vulnerable to COVID-19 while making contact with those infected, which may have a probability or a scare of the virus.  A viral infection on the other hand like a cold is bound to be prevalent and affect a person even under isolation when not being exposed because these diseases are more stable and stay in the air longer when air is cold and dry.

Since the survival of the viral flu is higher in low temperates, it is causing panic during winters admist the coronavirus pandemic. However, Dr. Tripti Singh from Gurgaon says that cough, cold, sneezing and wheezing is not COVID-19.

“Substances like fibre, naphthalin ball fumes are foreign substances to the body that tend to affect during this time as people develop a running nose and sinus problems. These however do not indicate having COVID-19. Furthermore, these problems can be termed as allergic cold also or somebody who has a history of getting infected with seasonal illness. Thus it is suggested that a clinical diagnosis shall be done to detect the real problem.” Explains Dr.Tripti Singh.

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Another doctor working for a private organisation in Mumbai says these symptoms are acting as a trigger in the body and that the recovery rate in a normal cold is also very high. In COVID-19 on the other hand, it initially starts from the respiratory system but ends up causing a multi-organ failure in most cases, due to which it is life threatening for some patients.

Doctors say, under any circumstances, these situations are fatal, eventhough a doctor’s research from the College of Physicians & Surgeons Mumbai has said that there is no relation of the tropical region with the COVID-19.

However, there should not be an early panic as well as. It is advised to keep a watch for a few days before approaching a doctor, though a late approach could be harmful too. Self-treatment under a doctor’s supervision is suggested. Otherwise a flu may just bother a person for a while and antibiotics can help kill the bacteria. It is only when the lungs are fibrosed and heart muscles inflamed, the damage cannot be reversed and that is where the COVID-19 scare really starts and not otherwise.


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