Philippines girl ends up with 42 Food Delivery Executives Outside Her House Due To App Glitch

In an unprecedented case, a seven-year-old girl in Cebu, The Philippines ordered a meal through an app but instead opened door to 42 delivery executives carrying parcels of the same order.

This happened after she repeatedly tapped on the order button in the app while she merely tried ordering lunch (two boxes of chicken fillets with fries) from McDonald’s for her grandmother and herself.

Photos and a live video of the hilarious incident were posted by Facebook user Dann Kayne Suarez on November 25. Apparently, the girl repeatedly tapped on her order when it wasn’t going through, only to see 42 food delivery executive from Food Panda lining outside of her door within minutes of each other, carrying the exact same order.

It appears that the multiple orders were logged because of poor internet connection and a glitchy app, according to the Facebook post.

The girl would have had to pay 7,938 pesos (S$220.55) for all the orders, which she didn’t have enough money for. However, her neighbours found out what happened, they chipped in to help buy the chicken fillets off her hands.

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