This New York Couple’s ‘Bootlegger Bungalow’ has Prohibition-era whiskey bottles in its walls

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When this New York couple purchased an over a century-old bungalow, they had little idea what surprises it had in store.

The couple was aware of the stories claiming their house was built by a notorious bootlegger in 1915, but they were quite not ready to buy the claim.

Everything changed when in October this year, Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker found around 66 bottles of Prohibition-era whiskey hidden in the walls and floorboards of their house.

“Our walls are built of booze!” they exclaimed on Instagram while sharing a video of ‘excavating’ a whiskey bottle from a wall of their house.


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Nick has even changed his Instagram handle’s name to @bootleggerbungalow to keep sharing about his findings as he claims to spot hidden surprises every now and then.


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As per reports, Nick and Patrick started residing in this ‘mystery house’ located in the small village of Ames, which is about three hours away from New York City, over a year back. Just two months ago, the couple decided to begin major renovations in their house.

Nick, who’s a designer and historic preservationist, told CNN he was removing outside skirting along the bottom of the mudroom attached to the house when a mysterious package fell out.

That is when he first found out about the whiskey bottles hidden in his house.

Ever since, the couple says it has been finding more and more packages of smuggled whiskey at various locations in their house, primarily in some walls and under the floorboards.

The bottles contain Old Smuggler Gaelic whiskey, a Scottish whiskey, which is still manufactured. Each bottle was wrapped in tissue paper and straw and bundled in a package of six, Nick said.


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As per reports, a German man known as Count Adolph Humpfner was the owner of the house.

Nick scanned through various newspapers and legal websites and found out that Humpfner was considered to be a man of mystery and was a part of various scandals. He also found out that Humpfner died a sudden death leaving behind the smuggled liquor and a heavily disputed fortune.


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A post shared by Nick Drummond (@bootleggerbungalow)

Nick and Patrick now plan to preserve the bottles they found empty or evaporated in the home, and sell the ones which are full. The full bottles of this Prohibition-era whiskey are estimated to cost around $1,000 each, said Nick.

However, the couple has said they will try out their finding as they plan to keep one of the full bottles of the Scottish whiskey to taste test.

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