Lawsuit stuck down in Pennsylvania, serving big blow to Trump camp

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Another setback for the US President Donald Trump’s camp as the Pennsylvania lawsuit was stuck down a judge in Pennsylvania that had challenged the counting in several states which shows US Presidential elect Joe Biden as the winner. The mail in votes that the Trump camp was seeking to invalidate was seen as a claim without merit by the Judge.

This means that Pennsylvania will certify Biden’s victory as he leads by more than 80,000 votes over Trump. The Trump is making little headway as the Trump camp is trying to overturn the November 3rd Presidential elections. Biden is set to over as President on January 20th 2021.

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It is not an easy task to convince Trump to concede to the results. Biden has won 306 electorial college votes while Trump has won 232 electoral college votes. The halfway mark to victory is 270 electoral votes.

The Trump camp had filed lawsuits in several states but with little hope of anything working out in Trump’s favour.


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