COVID-19: Italy To Start Vaccinations In January

Italy is gearing up to receive 3.4 million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine by mid-January 2021 through European Union’s Purchase Programme. This would be sufficient to provide the mandated two doses to 1.6 million of Italy’s 60 million population.

Elderly Italians and those with most risk of exposure to the virus would get first priority for the vaccine.

Addressing a press conference, Italy’s special commissioner Domenico Arcuri said, “This will be the biggest campaign to administer a vaccine that we can remember, not just in Italy but in all of Europe and many parts of the world.”

Arcuri said he expected Pfizer’s authorization from European Medical Emergency to be completed on course so that the vaccines can be administered from January. “We don’t know how many Italians will want to get the vaccine,” he said.

The Italian government will inform the Parliament of the order in which different categories of citizens will receive the vaccine from January.

The death toll due to the pandemic has touched 47,800 in Italy, the second highest in Europe after Britain.

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