Know about the story and celebration of Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is a festival that celebrates the bond of brothers and sisters. This year, it is being celebrated on November 16. It is a popular and an auspicious Indian festival celebrated in India with full zeal.

For brothers and sisters, the festival is a great way to rejoice their unconditional bond and strengthening it through auspicious rituals. The celebration of the festival starts with arti followed by the tika or tilak ceremony.

The sister carries the arti thali in her hand and rotates it in front of her brother followed by applying some tika and rice on his forehead. She then prays to god for the brother’s long life. The brothers return the gesture with gifts or money. The sister also give gifts to her brothers after applying the tika and feeding him his favourite sweet.

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It is also a way for the sister to free herself from the clutches of day to day life and visit her native place to meet her brother and family. The occasion reveals the importance of in siblings in front of others. If the brother is married, both brother and his wife sit together and get tika applied by the sisters.

The five-day-long celebration of Diwali ends with Bhai Dooj or Bhou Bij and a feeling of festivity enthrals the families and especially, siblings.

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